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D-Link DSL-320B Setup as Bridge/Modem

Connecting a newly acquired Asus RT-N66U router to a standard 20CN BT ADSL connection has been a lot more complicated than it appeared to be at first sight. There is a cheap and effective solution in the D-Link DSL-320B modem but finding information on setting it up was not easy to find.


Real Disks from Virtual Systems

Virtual machines are great way of setting up a new operating system in a controlled and user-friendly environment. But before the virtual system can be used on real hardware the virtual disk image needs to be transformed into a hard disk partition.

Methods for transferring a virtual system image onto a hard disk are difficult to find and often somewhat tortuous. However there is a simple and quick procedure for doing this under the Ubuntu (and similar) operating system.


Phing Regex Replacement Notation

I recently ran into a problem while putting together a phing build script for Joomla extensions. The need was to automatically update version numbers and dates in the PHP files and XML manifest files. The problem arose as I was using regex replacement functions to carry out the updating action.


Play XAMPP "Happy Families" on Your PC

XAMPP (http://www.apachefriends.org/en/xampp-linux.html) is a great way of adding a LAMP stack to a Linux workstation for web design and development, coming as it does in packages covering a range of versions. However the XAMPP packages are designed to be installed in one specific location – /opt/lampp – making it next to impossible to use two or  more versions on one PC. However there is a way to get members of the XAMPP family to live happily together…



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