Joomla! AccessByIP-Pro Extension

ABIP-Pro LogoAccessByIp-Pro is the ideal way to give your academic or corporate customers easy access to confidential and subscription material on your web site. 

Unlike standard Joomla! log-in procedures there is no barrier of difficult-to-remember user names and passwords, nor the need to distribute and update individual log-in credentials. AccessByIP-Pro identifies your site users by their web browser's IP address, which is easily associated with groups of organisational users. If your client’s IP address matches one of a preset range of IP addresses, log-in is then a single button-click.

Availability:  *** Now Releasd ***  as a subscription Joomla! extension and approved for listing in the Joomla! Extensions Directory.

To obtain this extension, please set up an account on this site, log-in and follow the menu link to "Sign-Up or Renew Subscriptions". Once you have an active subscription, go to the file downloads area to fetch your copy.

Documentation for this extension is available here (subscription required).

Please note that due to third-parties offering unauthorised and potentially illegal downloads of our subscription software, we have been forced to limit access to documentation for subscription-only extensions to our bona-fide registered subscribers.
Copies of any of our extensions obtained elsewhere may well be out-of-date and – and as pointed out in this article – you also risk installing packages that may contain malware intended to compromise the security of your Joomla! site(s).

What Can AccessByIP-Pro Do for Your Joomla! Site?

  • Quicker and easier access to premium content for your corporate and academic subscribers.
     - Removes the need to create/distribute/validate individual user identities for corporate users.
     - Simplified single-click login for recognised users (based on a valid subscription and IP address).
  • Backend subscription and IP range management of multiple named subscriptions offering :
     - programmable period of availability (set your own start and end dates),
     - simple usage stats for each subscription and each IP range,
     - auto-calculation of start and end IP addresses from most IP address notations,
    - multiple blocks of IP addresses per subscription.

  • Customisable Login Module offering:
     - optional standard format user-name/password login,
     - single-click button for use by recognised users,
    - optional hiding of single-click button from unrecognised users.

  • Coming Soon! :
    - customisable login messages (subscriber name, per subscription custom text, subscription title),
    - no-click login,
    - login by referrer URL.

Authenticates users according to their browser IP address and logs them in as the Joomla!! user you have set up to go with their subscription. If the IP address is not one recognised for automatic log-in, then authentication will be passed to whichever of the built-in authentication plug-ins you choose. So a log-in from an unrecognised IP address can take place just as it would if the accessbyip plug-in were not installed.