Joomla! Cakecrumbs Extension

Joomla's built-in Breadcrumbs module is just plain vanilla. Give your web sites a treat and upgrade to Cakecrumbs (if you can swallow the painful puns), the tastier version that gives you the options you need to enhance appearance and usability. I'm sure this extension would have received royal endorsement had it been available in the 18th Century.

Availability:  now released – download from here.

"Cakecrumbs" is a Joomla! 2.5 (and now J3.x) module (mod_cakecrumbs) - approved for inclusion in the Joomla! Extensions Directory.


Cakecrumbs is a derivative of Joomla's built-in Breadcrumbs module and is intended as a replacement for it. It includes several additional facilities and enhancements to make it easier to implement "breadcrumb" pathways display that meet current "best practice" guidelines for web site usability. See this page for some examples.

Additional options include:

  • your choice of "You are here: " text,
  • emphasising the text for the "current page item" in the pathway,
  • hiding the pathway display on the Home page,
  • choosing non-standard images for use as pathway separators.

Of interest to advanced users, the module uses enhanced and simplified code for module rendering in tmpl/default.php, making it simpler to understand and adapt as an override for detailed customisation of site templates.

Quick setup

  • Install the extension.
  • Edit the Cakecrumbs module, selecting the same module position as used for mod_breadcrumbs, and publish it.
  • Before saving Cakecrumbs, set the Menu assignment to "All Pages" (or as appropriate for your site).
  • Unpublish any instances of mod_breadcrumbs (or else you will have two sets of "breadcrumbs").

Bugs and issues

  • 3 Oct. 2012 – &quo; and & appearing in breacrumbs

If you find that a menu item with a title that includes characters such as `"` or `&` (ampersand) appears in the breadcrumb trail with those characters replaced by their html entity equivalents (e.g. `&quo`; and `&`) , this is a bug in the Joomla core code (J2.5.x and J3.0.x) at the time of writing this.This has been reported on the Joomla bug tracker (#29401).

Almost certainly you will be using a page layout that includes two sets of breadcrumb trails using the built-in "breadcrumbs" module and/or this Cakecrumbs module, and it is the the second set of breadcrumbs that is showing this problem. If otherwise, please contact me to explain the problem you are having.

An updated version of Cakecrumbs will shortly be available to eliminate the bug, but please bear in mind that the bug will still appear with cakecrumbs if it used in conjunction with the core "breadcrumbs" module in its present form.

  • Update (Dec. 2012):  this bug has been fixed in "mod_breadcrumbs" with the release of Joomla! V2.5.8 and in the Cakecrumbs extension as of version V1.0.2 (now available for download).