Joomla! AccessByIP Extension

Sometimes it would be great to be able to allow access to a chosen Joomla! user account without the barrier of users having to type in a user-name and password, for example giving company intranet users instant access to a corporate intranet or maybe just when needing to troubleshoot a site. The AccessByIP extensions are designed to meet that need as they offer automatic authentication to a nominated user account based on the IP address of the user's browser.

Please Note that this free version of the extension is limited to one "auto-login" user account and one IP address block. For most high-traffic and commercial web sites such as subscription services, academic web sites and corporate intranets, we strongly recommend the use of AccessByIP-Pro. Amongst other features and enhancements AccessByIP-Pro offers unlimited user accounts (this free version is limited to one user account) and arbitrarily complex patterns of IP addresses (this free version is limited to one IP block).

Documentation for this extension is available here.

Availability:  now released – download from here.  Approved for inclusion in the Joomla! extensions Directory.

"AccessByIP" is a Joomla! package (available for J2.5.x and J 3.x) that installs two extensions: an authentication plug-in (accessbyip) and an associated log-in module mod_accessbyip). 

The accessbyip Plugin

Authenticates users according to their browser IP address and logs them in as a predetermined Joomla! user – any user-name or password they may have given is ignored. If the IP address is not one set up in the plugin for automatic log-in, then authentication will be passed to  other currently active authentication plug-ins on the site. So a log-in from an unrecognised IP address will take place just as it would if the AccessByIP plug-in were not installed.

The mod_accessbyip Module

The AccessByIP module is similar to the standard Joomla! mod_login module but includes an additional  a single button form (i.e. no username and password fields) to log in to the Joomla! web site by means of AccessByIP authentication. Optionally you can choose to hide the conventional username plus password log-in fields on this module.