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As a member of the Joomla! Bug Squad I often find myself delving around in the innermost parts of this popular CMS package. This section of the site is a growing collection of articles about the interesting and useful things I have discovered whilst doing this, as well as a selection of Joomla! extensions.

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Joomla! AccessByIP-Pro Extension

ABIP-Pro LogoAccessByIp-Pro is the ideal way to give your academic or corporate customers easy access to confidential and subscription material on your web site. 

Unlike standard Joomla! log-in procedures there is no barrier of difficult-to-remember user names and passwords, nor the need to distribute and update individual log-in credentials. AccessByIP-Pro identifies your site users by their web browser's IP address, which is easily associated with groups of organisational users. If your client’s IP address matches one of a preset range of IP addresses, log-in is then a single button-click.

Availability:  *** Now Releasd ***  as a subscription Joomla! extension and approved for listing in the Joomla! Extensions Directory.

To obtain this extension, please set up an account on this site, log-in and follow the menu link to "Sign-Up or Renew Subscriptions". Once you have an active subscription, go to the file downloads area to fetch your copy.

Documentation for this extension is available here.


Joomla Extension Builder (JoomExtBuild) Script

Joomla Extension Builder is a set of scripts written to automate some of the steps in the workflow of developing Joomla extensions. Written in the phing scripting language.


Joomla! Cakecrumbs Extension

Joomla's built-in Breadcrumbs module is just plain vanilla. Give your web sites a treat and upgrade to Cakecrumbs (if you can swallow the painful puns), the tastier version that gives you the options you need to enhance appearance and usability. I'm sure this extension would have received royal endorsement had it been available in the 18th Century.

Availability:  now released – download from here.


Joomla! AccessByIP Extension

Sometimes it would be great to be able to allow access to a chosen Joomla! user account without the barrier of users having to type in a user-name and password, for example giving company intranet users instant access to a corporate intranet or maybe just when needing to troubleshoot a site. The AccessByIP extensions are designed to meet that need as they offer automatic authentication to a nominated user account based on the IP address of the user's browser.

Please Note that this free version of the extension is limited to one "auto-login" user account and one IP address block. For most high-traffic and commercial web sites such as subscription services, academic web sites and corporate intranets, we strongly recommend the use of AccessByIP-Pro. Amongst other features and enhancements AccessByIP-Pro offers unlimited user accounts (this free version is limited to one user account) and arbitrarily complex patterns of IP addresses (this free version is limited to one IP block).

Documentation for this extension is available here.

Availability:  now released – download from here.  Approved for inclusion in the Joomla! extensions Directory.


Use Your Log

It's very possible that you have not encountered the "log" function in Joomla as it used to be somewhat of a hidden feature. However things have changed since the release of V1.7.